Cheersc P2P Movie Player

Cheersc P2P Movie Player 2.1

Get access to thousands of free HD movies instantly from a PRIVATE P2P network
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Get access to thousands of free HD movies instantly from a PRIVATE P2P network. Transforms your PC into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of movies. View any movie at any time with no limitations or restrictions.

Cheersc P2P Movie Player is an easy-to-use search engine which enables you to search and download all your favorite movies from a PRIVATE P2P network. And you can just playback online the video files instantly by a simple click with an embedded streaming video player. These movies are shared by individuals on the Internet and 100% full-length and HD quality.

What are the benefits of Cheersc P2P Movie Player?
(1) 100% full-length movies.
(2) Unlimited access for a one time fee - never again pay for each movie!
(3) Full access to the private movie network.
(4) User-friendly easy and quick stream interface.
(5) No additional hardware required - just watch!
(6) No computer experience is needed to watch movies in using the software, simply free to try, register, and start searching for and watching the titles you like.
(7) No bandwidth or time limits are ever imposed - you control what and when you want to watch 24/7!
(8) Use single license code on ANY of your computers.
(9) Watch full-length movies on your home PC, work PC, your laptop, etc. at no extra cost!

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